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(Leicester )

I have a complaint about the driver who was on the M1 on Saturday (18.5.19) at about 12.30 midday he was driving in a very dangerous manner.

As he cut into us not leaving any braking distance we are not sure he was even a where we were on the near side lane as he decide to move from the middle lane for no reason at all that we could see.

Then as we came along side of him he gave some kind of jester as if it was our fault somehow the he moved back in to the middle lane and tail gated us.

We moved to the overtaking lane to get rid of him so he carried on tailgating every one who got in his way until the road was clear for him to speed over the 50mph he drove that fast we were unable to read his full number plate.

At one time we were able to see that the bus read"Coventry to London" he could have been going to Wembley but he had got his foot down and we don't know were he came off the M1 because he was cutting in and out of the traffic so much he had made a lot of head way in front of us.

I live in the hope you will be able to find who this driver is because he made my 86 year old Mum very frightened sitting in the back of our car as at she thought he was going to hit into the side or the back of us .


Dear Customer,

We are truly sorry to learn of your experience with your journey as reported here.

We believe every one travelling at anytime should feel safe always. We would pass your complaint over to Stagecoach, the operators of megabus.

Please note that you can reach them directly via email at: or telephone on

+44 (0) 900 1600 900. Want to send a letter in the post?

Write to Megabus at:

Customer Services
Buchanan Bus Station
G2 3NW

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