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Traveling on airplane to any destination needs not cost the whole world anymore. There are just tens and perhaps hundreds of flights out there going your way, depending on the destination in question.

With our powerful cheap flight comparison engine, you can now be sure to get the best of the best of cheap UK flights from top airlines. The best part of it is that you do not need to be flying to or from the UK to take advantage of our cheap flight offers. Try your hands on this now by checking out the cost of air tickets to and from London Heathrow To JFK Airport New York. Let our partner site, do the leg work for you and save on your next trip anywhere in the world.

7 Top Tips On Getting Cheap UK Flights

Whether you are planning a long awaited family vacation to Europe or perhaps a quick trip to an international conference in London, or indeed to Madrid, or a West African trip to Lagos Nigeria, wouldn't it be nice to save money on your airfares?

Going through travel agents is not always the best way to find cheap flights. Ring a travel agent today and get a quote and then try our search engine here, applying the tips and tricks presented below to getting yourself a cheap flight. You will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the savings that would come to your pocket.

The following are top tips to getting cheap flights to anywhere in the world:

  1. Book Your Flight Early In Good Time. Flight tickets are released in batches. Once a predetermined amount of seats are sold, the price for the remaining seats for that destination begins to rise. Aim to book your flight as soon as you are aware you would be traveling. At least monitor the flight daily or weekly to spot any rise in fare if funds are not readily available for your booking yet.
  2. Look for Non-Major Airlines. You do not always need to fly on major airlines. Look around and search for very good airlines plying your proposed destination. Research their history and if you are happy with them, try a search and get a quote. My last trip from London to Calgary was by Air Transat booked at Canadian Affair (CA) website. For exactly the same flight on the latest Airbus to Calgary, I paid over 25% less on ticket price compared to doing the same flight on any of the more popular airlines plying that destination. That is what I truly call Cheap UK flight deal! Use no-frills airlines or the smaller budget airlines is another option.
  3. Travel Mid Week If Possible. Airline seats are cheaper on Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays more than any other days in the week. So if possible avoid traveling on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. These are the more expensive days to travel. Many business people would be scrambling for the plane during those times of the week.
  4. Avoid Peak Times. If you are looking for cheap UK flights, the best time to travel to or out of the UK would be outside UK school holiday times. Take your family holidays in January, March, May, June, September, October, and November if possible to avoid the rush and high fares of UK school holiday periods. 
  5. Join A Frequent Flier Program And Get Special Offers. If you travel frequently, why not join an airline frequent flyer program if available. Or you could register with and accumulate Airmiles (Avios) points to contribute towards paying for your next flight. Members of most airline frequent flyers program get discounts and special offers sent to your email and they may be able to get free upgrades as well as use of airport lounges for nothing.
  6. Try Chartered Airlines. Chartered airlines offer cheaper travel alternative than schedules mainstream flights. The most popular UK chartered air operator is Airtours (Thomas Cook). You will be able to get excellent discounts on trips across Europe and beyond.
  7. Compare Flight Quotes. You can be your very own travel agent by using powerful flight comparison engines like that provided on this very page. 

Try a combination of the above 7 top tips to securing cheap UK flights or indeed cheap international flights from UK  and enjoy flying around the world without breaking the bank.

Please remember that if you are booking a chartered flight or package holiday, it is best practice to insist on getting an ATOL protection. This would ensure you are covered should the airline or hotel or care hire delay significantly or if any of the company folds up while you are on holiday. No need to book a cheap UK flight and not be covered. Insist on an ATOL certificate once money is paid. Not that booking directly with airlines does not necessarily require you get ATOL protection or cover. 

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