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It Has Never Been Easier To Travel Europe On A Budget

With cheap Rail Europe tickets, it has never been easier to travel to Europe.

Get discount tickets here to see 28 countries in Europe and over 1500 cities. There are so many ways to travel and so many great deals on travel that there is no excuse not to visit the continent. Sign up for our Newsletter and get deals sent directly to your inbox!

See Europe with Rail Europe Tickets.
Right: Colosseum, Rome. Left: Map of Europe.See Europe with Rail Europe Tickets. Right: Colosseum, Rome. Left: Map of Europe.

If Europe has been in your bucket list of where to travel to this summer, there is even more reason to do so now. You can see the continent like no other way by rail. 

From Amsterdam to Brussels, Barcelona to Geneva, Paris to London, Montenegro to Luxembourg, you will be able to criss-cross Europe and see truly iconic cities with their steep history and cultures. 

There is so much to do in Europe.

If you were just going on a sightseeing tour to each of the top 110 major European cities, it would take you over 200 years to see their major attractions. 

So, where is in your list of places to see in Europe? 

Top Places To See In Europe

With Rail Europe tickets, you would be able to see the top European cities and more.

Whether for a weekend break to Paris, a fortnight get away to Venice, a month backpacking across Europe or a skiing trip to the heart of the French Alps, or looking to escape on Eurostar in London, to traveling with TGV in France, Elipsos to Spain, Thalys to Benelux, Artesia to Italy and Lyria to take you to Switzerland, get your ticket to the beautiful in-lands of Europe.

Book your cheap Rail Europe tickets here  and let your European tour begin. Travel by day or night and choose the right type of rail Europe services to suit you.

These are the most visited cities in Europe you may want to see too:

London, England.

The population of London Metropolis in November 2017 was reported as over 14 million. London is by far the most populated city in Europe and it is the capital of the United Kingdom. 

It is a must see city in the world. 

Top London attractions are:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Big Ben
  • Coca Cola London Eye
  • Madame Tussaud
  • British Museum
  • Tower of London
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • London Dungeon
  • Sea Life London
  • National Gallery
  • Trafalgar square.

You can see many of these places for free, without needing to pay an admission fee. For those places needing a pass, you can get discounted entry using The London Pass

Paris, France.

Rail Europe Tickets: Consider All Options For Your Trip

In some ways it is very easy to travel to Europe, since there are so many great options now available compared to just a few years ago. We almost seem spoiled, simply because there are so many ways to get there.

Air Travel has been a really popular way to travel to the continent, but recent price hikes have seen so many people looking at different ways to get around.

Be sure to consider all options before you go, including:

  • Rail travel. It is possible to travel by rail on the 'boat train', which leaves from Liverpool Street in London and then takes you to Harwich, and from there you can catch the ferry through to the Hook of Holland and then you get on another train to Amsterdam, and from there, the whole of Europe really is at your fingertips.
  • Eurostar also takes you to the continent by rail, leaving from St. Pancras and traveling on to Lille, Brussels or Paris. All done in a fraction of the time you'd expect, with journey times from London to Paris now down to 2 hours and 15 minutes: Wow!
  • Coach travel is also now a really serious contender for people who want to travel economically, but who don't want to forgo any luxury. Costs are as low as £45 to Paris from the UK, so if money is tight in these credit crunch times, then coach travel might be considered.
  • Traveling by car. You can take your own car abroad for very little, and as travel companies are starting to feel the effects of people being less well off, prices are extremely keen. Many people prefer to travel with their own car. They feel they have greater flexibility. If this is a serious issue for you, you could catch a train or coach to the continent and then hire a car for the rest of your stay. That way, you get flexibility, but also a very pleasant journey over to your destination.

With all these different and cost effective ways to travel to Europe, there really is no need to stay home! Why not arrange for your trip right now, and get your Cheap Rail Europe tickets . Your pass to the beautiful continent of Europe!

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