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Save on Virgin Train tickets. Plan your journey and get cheap tickets on Virgin train routes. Why splash on travel cost when you can save at least 43% on the cost of your rail ticket? See tips and tricks to travelling across the UK on cheap rail tickets.

Virgin Trains is a top rail operating company offering transportation services on the West Coast Main Line from the terminal in Central London.

This train service connects UK’s largest cities: Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow, along the West Coast Mainline in a flash, running at 125 mph speed.

Into their second decade as one of the best and most reliable Train Operating companies in the UK, Virgin Trains still live up to their promise to ensure you "Arrive Faster, Arrive Fresher, Arrive Awesome"!

Virgin Trains bring style and comfort to rail travel across the UK. Travel on the Virgin super-fast tilting trains and get connected with your destination in a flash.

Yes. They have very excellent safety records too, matched with one of the best customer services support experiences in the UK.

Get your Virgin train tickets to UK major cities and you will be joining the over 30 million happy customers that use this route and train line yearly.

With savings of 43% or more on your rail ticket just by booking an advance travel ticket, getting Nectar points on each ticket purchase, as well as knowing that you can contact the Virgin dedicated and empathetic customer services representatives, there are even more exciting reasons to travel Virgin Trains and get Virgin Train Tickets every time you travel on the UK railway system.

Using The Virgin Train Tickets Best Fare Finder

If you are flexible with your travel arrangement, you can enjoy all the goodies Virgin Trains provide for even a smaller spend on the cost of your ticket. Use the Virgin Train ticket Best Fare Finder.

It searches the whole rail train ticketing system and brings you the very best fare for your selected journey. What is more? Unlike buying your tickets from secondary providers, getting Virgin Train tickets directly saves you any additional credit card or booking fees, bring you even more savings on your rail journey.

You can use the Best Fare Finder in week or month view to find the cheapest train fares for your particular destination and you would be amazed at savings this tool may bring to you. Use the Virgin Train Tickets Best Fare Finder search box above.

The Virgin Train Experience

Tips To Save On Train Fares

  • Book in advance and save up to 70% off regular price
  • Book directly with Virgin Trains and pay no credit card or booking fee
  • If you spend more than £100 on Train Tickets in a year, get a Railcard and save a third on rail journeys
  • Travel off peak
  • Buy annual tickets if you can afford it and save 2 to 3 months worth of fare, even after accounting for holidays and annual leave
  • Split your journey if practicable
  • Subscribe to your news letters and get deal, tips and tricks on rail savings sent to your mail box.

Aside from just providing transportation, you can also experience other things on board Virgin Trains. For instance, you can certainly enjoy:

  • the on board shop where you can purchase refreshing drinks, food, magazines, newspapers and more. You can enjoy these items while on travel.
  • You may even watch out for the on board trolley in order to avail of premium and select Pendolino services.
  • The latest addition to their offer is the buffet selection of snack delights.

If you are a person who needs to be connected to the Internet even while travelling, you will find out that the Wi-Fi services of Virgin Trains is very helpful.

  • First Class passengers get free Wi-Fi, while there are also package options to choose from to standard passengers.
  • If you are also a frequent traveller, you may also opt for the flexible internet time that you can use every time you get on board Virgin Trains.

Travel First Class?

By getting first class virgin train tickets, you can really see the difference.

  • You can enjoy a good space for yourself, where you can unwind and stretch out, or just enjoy the views outside while travelling to your destination. 
  • You get the day's top newspapers and magazines for your perusal if you want
  • The best part about first class service is that you can avail of table service from Monday to Friday so that you can simply sit down and relax while enjoying tasty delights from complimentary menu.

Superb Care From A Company That Really Cares

Whether you are travelling first class or standard via Virgin Trains, you can definitely see the convenience and comfort that you are looking for on your journey.

Virgin Trains offer assisted travel to mobility impaired passengers via a service called Journey Care. In order to avail of this service, it is highly recommended to book in advance in order to avoid hassles and difficulties. The services covered in Journey Care include assistance in getting on and off the trains, reserving wheelchair spaces and rail information.

Upon purchasing virgin train tickets, you can also avail of services such as Journey Check and Train Tracker where you can register and get real time updates that are directly sent to your mobile phone or email address. In this way, you will be informed of any disruptions or significant information that may have something to do with your travel. 

All of these perks can provide you peace of mind during your travel.

Virgin Trains: What Is Your Experience Like?

Have you travelled Virgin Trains recently? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the comment box below. Let's help improve our UK railways services.

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