Train Ticket Cancellation
How To Change, Cancel Or Get Refunds On Your Train Tickets

Train ticket cancellation rules

Train ticket cancellation muse? Wondering how to cancel your rail ticket and get refunds back?

We bring you the rules on train ticket cancellation in operation with most train operating companies. Plans do change and you may wish to change your journey after ticket purchase for a number of reasons, or request cancellation of your train ticket and get refunds. We are here to help you and make the process as painless as possible. Please familiarise yourself with the information below.

For all train tickets and rail journeys in the UK, whether you get refunds on your ticket should you decide to cancel the journey will depend on the type of rail or train ticket purchased.

With most ticket type, you should be able to cancel your journey and get refunds back up to 28 days from the intended date of travel. The rule governing ticket cancellation and refunds for each ticket type are as follows:

Anytime Tickets

The Anytime tickets are train tickets with no time restriction on them. You can travel on these tickets at any time you choose, provided that is done within a calendar month of the start date shown on the ticket.

  • To Change Your Route Or Destination on an anytime ticket, you usually will need to pay an additional fee of about £10 or more. To find out how much you need to pay, call the ticketing office on 0871 244 1545 if you bought your train ticket from Thetrainline
  • An Anytime Train Ticket Cancellation is possible if you no longer want to travel, for up to 28 days after the expiry date on the ticket. A cancellation fee of about £10 or more is applicable. Once the cancellation fee is paid, you get a refund of the fee paid. Again, you will need to contact the Train company from which such purchase was made - not Take a look at your ticket and the receipt to get you the name and contact detail you require
  • If you bought your train ticket here, and remember your log in details, you can cancel your ticket online here and get a refund by logging into your account here. Once you log into your account, view tickets and select the ticket you ant to cancel and request refunds. Follow the rest instructions as displayed there.

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