Charles Rankin

by Charles Rankin
(30 Brinsmead Rd , Mt Nelson,Hobart ,Tasmania,Australia,7007)

I am 73 and planning 3 7day hf holiday trips for walking.

1)Freshwater Bay House ,Isle of Wight starting 7 Sept 2013.

2) Abingworth Hall ,Sussex starting 14 Sept and

3) Nether Grange ,Alnmouth starting 21 Sep 2013.

I would like to have one whole day looking at Salisbury so that means I would have to fly in to Heathrow on the 5th Sept and have 2 nights there.

I would also like to have a day at Portsmouth to see the Naval museum and the "Victory".


How to get to Salisbury from Heathrow airport starting say 2pm?


How can I travel from Salisbury to Freshwater House on 7th Sept 2013


What about travelling from Freshwater house to Abingworth Hall sussex on the 7th sept and would I have time to see Portsmouth on the way there, if not I would have to have an extra day at the beginning of my holidays and fly into Heathrow on the 4th sept and have the 2 nights in Salisburyh and another in Portsmouth.


How can I travel from Abingworth Hall to Alnmouth on the 21st Sept 2013.

I don;t know if you are the right people to address these questions, if not I apologise

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