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Southern Railway

Southern Railway offers a great service for commuters from south of the capital working in London, and also serves many of the most popular holiday destinations in the region and on the South coast. The company manages several different lines running out of London Victoria, a convenient station in the centre of the city. With frequent connections to the Tube network and other rail services this is a much used network that is much appreciated by those who frequent it, and is managed well.

The Mainline West route connects with the Coastway West route to cover the southern counties to the west while the similar Mainline East and Coastway East combination cover the towns on the Kent region and the eastern counties of the south. There are many branches and connecting points around the route and it takes in some of the most wonderful scenery and destinations in the country.

The south coast is peppered with beautiful seaside resorts that attract holidaymakers each year, but it should not be forgotten that the Southern Railway network is also a vital service for people living in the region and commuting to London and the surrounding towns to work.

Portsmouth and the West

From London Victoria it is possible to take a train on the Mainline West route and reach Southampton or Portsmouth, two of the most important ports in the country. The connecting Mainline West route also stops at some of the beautiful seaside towns along the way including Fishbourne, Bognor Regis and Brighton, all important and much valued towns. Brighton, in fact, can be reached in a more direct manner by using the Brighton Mainline route, an express service stopping at only a handful of stations - Gatwick Airport included - on the way to this most glorious of towns.

Other routes in the region take in beautiful Arundel, famed for its wonderful castle, and many other towns that are attractive to visitors, while the inland region is also served by Southern’s Metro Route which visits Epsom and Sutton among many other interesting towns.

Eastbourne, Kent and the East

The Mainline East route connects with the Coastway East selection of lines that take passengers to such delightful towns as Eastbourne - a classic seaside town popular with visitors - plus Seaford and Hastings, and many other superbly pretty towns in Kent. Perhaps the most important part of this route is that it terminates at Ashford International, from where the Eurostar service can be used to cross the channel.

Sothern Railway also offers many destinations in the London region other than those on the coast, with its Oxford, Redhill and West London routes also operating out of London Victoria and covering many of the popular towns and commuter regions in the South. All in all, this is a comprehensive network of railways that brings added transport facilities to a great number of people in a heavily populated area of the country, as well as providing transport links to some of the most impressive coastal resorts in the UK.

Cheap Travel on Southern Railway Routes

The Southern Railway website - - is well designed, easy to use and informative and offers an excellent journey planner feature that adds to the convenience of travelling in the region by train. Advance booking can yield excellent discounts and there are off peak fares, children’s reductions and day saver tickets available. It is worth having a closer look at the site for details of the cheap travel options as there are many different ways of saving money by travelling with Southern Railway.

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