Southeastern - Serving Kent and the Surrounding Region


An important provider of rail services in the South East of England, Southeastern manages some of the busiest routes in and out of London. Covering the region to the east and south-east of the capital, the routes include the HS1 high speed line that runs from St Pancras to Margate, Dover and Folkestone and that connects with the Channel Tunnel Eurostar service at Ashford International.

There are very popular commuter routes, particularly with people choosing to live in Kent and work in London and the surrounding towns, and also services that reach some of the most popular tourist destinations, and these are particularly attractive to travellers from the continent using the Eurostar service.

Southeastern runs a variety of routes - the Metro routes cover the London stations and the Mainline routes those outside the confines of London itself, while HS1 is a primary express service as already described - that appeal across the board and has in its portfolio some of the most commercially important stations and routes in the whole country.

HS1 and the Channel Tunnel

The high speed express service leaves London from St Pancras, the terminus of the Eurostar line, and stops at Stratford International en-route for passengers connecting from there. It also takes in the important connecting station at Ebbsfleet International, then finishes at Ashford International where it joins the Eurostar line proper.

For tourists and business users going to and from the continent this is among the most important transport connections in the UK and sees many thousands of users on a weekly basis. It is not a commuter service to London, however, but a primary express line with Eurostar at its heart.

The Metro Route and London Stations

Southeastern manages a great number of services within the boundaries of the conurbation of London, most operating from the Metro route termini of Charing Cross and Victoria. Covering stations both north and south of the Thames, the Metro route offers excellent commuting opportunities for those on the outskirts of London who travel daily to work, and also for tourists who use the line as a way of getting around the many places of interest in the city. The route heads as far south as Sevenoaks, from where the Mainline route takes over.

The Mainline Route and the Coast

The Mainline Route is a collection of lines that serve the south east of the country, and take passengers to coastal towns such as Bexhill, Dover, Deal and Sandwich, as well as allowing for connections to the Channel Tunnel at Ashford International.

There are beautiful towns to explore along the way - trains stop at picturesque Battle and Tunbridge Wells - in the southern regions. To the east the network covers the beautiful cathedral cities of Canterbury and Rochester, both well known for glorious architecture and beautiful surroundings, as well as a wide variety of pretty seaside towns on the Kent coast that are very popular with tourists. This is a comprehensive route that makes great sense for anyone wanting to explore the Garden of England and other such delights offered in the region.

Discount Fares on Southeastern

Southeastern accepts the Oyster Card - the most convenient method of ticket buying - and also offers discounts for early booking. It is the sole provider of High speed tickets, for the two high speed routes including the tunnel, and offers some excellent tourist discounts with its Weekender ticket range. The website booking system is easy to use and there is a clever journey planner that makes things even more convenient.

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