Railway Magazines – Keeping the Enthusiast Informed

The UK enthusiast has a wide range of railway magazines to choose from. With a rich history covering the development of the railways this is no surprise. The history of the railway in the UK is a fascinating story, and one that is well covered by the many publications on the subject.

Whether the subject of choice is the modern railway system or that of antiquity there is something here for all interests. From technology to nostalgia, through the design of routes to the long closed lines, there is much to read about.

Modern Railway Magazines

One of the more popular publications covering the modern railway system is the handily titled ‘Modern Railways Magazine’. This one covers everything relating to today’s railways, from locomotives to rolling stock through future developments and improvements, and is written by experts and enthusiasts. Excellent editorial and great pictures make this a worthwhile read if your penchant is for modern day railways.

RAIL magazine is another that concentrates on the modern aspects of railways in the UK. It is a very detailed publication that is intended to keep the modern rail enthusiast informed of new developments in the world of railways, and claims to be Britain’s best selling modern railway magazine.

With engineering developments changing continually it is important for enthusiasts to keep up to date and Rail Technology Magazine is a publication dedicated to the more in-depth information on the future development of the railways in the UK. It is worth noting that the website is also an informative read.

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Historical Railway Magazines

It is no surprise that there are many railway magazines concentrating on the history of the railways. Here is a list of some of the better known:

  • The Railway Magazine - in publication since 1897, this is an authoritative voice on the subject. It is dedicated both to the modern railway network and the history of the railways in the UK, and has a strong following among dedicated fans of railways.
  • Heritage Railway magazine - this is a magazine devoted to steam railways, in particular those that have been restored and reopened for use. For many, steam holds a particular nostalgic appeal, and this is a magazine that recognises this and concentrates on keeping the leagues of steam enthusiasts happy.
  • Steam Railway Magazine - another publication that follows the many private steam railways in Britain. Many bands of enthusiasts work long hours to keep these quaint and important visitor attractions open for the holiday seasons. Steam Railway is published by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and features a wide variety of material.

These are just a few of the many magazines that cover the subject of railways. With many different railway magazines covering a range of subjects the railway enthusiast is well served for information on the subject, and railways continue to be a source of fascination for many people of all ages.

Collecting Railway Magazines

As with all railway memorabilia there is a strong market for collecting railway magazines, and there are many resources where the dedicated collector can find back issues of all the popular magazines on the subject. Online auction sites such as eBay are good places to go for cheap collections of older magazines, and there are bargains to be had.

The history of the railways is a story that has many interesting twists and turns, and it is this – plus the continued development of rail transport – that attracts the many enthusiasts who follow the subject. With the onset of new high speed rail links, the advent of the Channel Tunnel and more advanced rolling stock and locomotives there is still plenty of interest in railway magazines.

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